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CS Professional is considered to be the final stage that the candidate has to clear, to become a CS (Company Secretary). Once the candidate is through with the CS Foundation course which is the first stage, there are two more courses which are required to be completed –

A: CS Executive
B: CS Professional

CS Professional Exam
CS Professional Exam

Since many have multiple queries regarding the CS Professional course, here we have mentioned the intricate details about the CS professional courses and the perfect solution to ace these exams – CS Professional video lectures from CD Classes.

CS Professional Details of the course: In this thread, we will cover all the information about the subjects, eligibility criteria etc. Keep reading!

Eligibility Criteria for CS Professional Course: The candidate can only give the exam for CS professional level, once they have cleared the CS executive program. This exam takes place two times in a year, once in June and the other in December.

Subjects covered in CS Professional Course and in CS Professional Video Classes: There are a total of 3 modules and 7 papers, which are:

Module 1: The module has a total of three papers which are:

A: Paper 1: Advanced Company Law
B: Paper 2: Compliance Management, Secretarial Audit and Due Diligence
C: Paper 3: Insolvency, Valuation and Corporate Restructuring
Module 2: The module has a total of three papers which are:

A: Paper 1: System Audit and IT
B: Paper 2: Forex Management and Financial Treasury
C: Paper 3: Governance, Ethics and Sustainability

Module 3: The module has a total of two papers which are:

A: Paper 1: Appearances, Drafting and Pleading
B: Paper 2: Advanced Tax Laws

Why you should get your hands on CS professional video lectures pen drive Offered by CD Classes?

CS Professional Exam
CS Professional Exam

When it comes to clearing of the CS Professional exam, it is surely not a cake-walk. Since there are some really important subjects, with deep-rooted concepts, you would require the help of in-depth CS professional video lectures or CS professional video lectures pen drive.

CS is a very important exam which surely cannot be taken lightly, hence you cannot afford to spoil your preparation. You do require the guidance of professional CS experts, who can help you right from the beginning, from explaining you the subjects, the concepts, exam pattern to giving you the right tips and ticks to clear CS professional level in one go.

This is exactly where the role of CD Classes comes into the picture, which is renowned for offering CS professional video classes. The success rate of students studying at CD Classes has been really good, where every student has passed the last leg with playing colours and attained cleared their CS papers very smoothly.

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