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After 12th grade, what can you study? After passing their class 12 board examinations, pupils are faced with the most perplexing phase of their lives: deciding between three streams (Science, Commerce, and Arts). Many students make job decisions based on advice from their parents or elders in this situation.

Even though 93 percent of students are only aware of some job alternatives, engineering, medical, and Chartered Accountant careers are not the only ones accessible after the 12th grade. There are many additional career options available after the 12th grade that should be investigated.

Other fields offer excellent opportunities, but they also stand out from the crowd, resulting in minor rivalry from peers.

So, here are the top four careers after graduating from high school:

  1. Fashion Designing: 

Fashion design is regarded as one of the most creative educational degree selections, not just in India but also internationally.

Fashion design can be studied as a bachelor’s degree or as a postgraduate degree. Aside from that, candidates can enroll in a short-term diploma or certificate programs in Fashion Design.

  1. The National Defence Academy (NDA).

The NDA is one of our country’s most well-known entrance exams, held for admission to the Navy, Army, and Air Force wings and the Indian Naval Academy Course (INAC).

The NDA exam is held twice a year and is divided into two parts: a written exam and an SSB interview. Only 600 students are called for an SSB interview for the intelligence and personality test, out of tens of thousands who take the entrance exam.

  1. Bachelor of Science in Data Science and Analytics: 

Data science is a multidisciplinary subject that focuses on extracting meaningful insights from vast amounts of raw and structural data, whereas data analytics focuses on processing and statistical analysis of existing information. This course has a three-year academic term.

  1. Pilot:

A pilot is a member of the aircrew who is in charge of the aircraft’s flight controls. An aviator is another term for a pilot. Various pilot training institutes exist. This course is open to students who have completed their 12th grade with PCM subjects. Students must pass the entrance tests, have a high IQ, problem-solving skills, and be physically fit according to aviation industry standards to be admitted to a top training facility.


One of the most crucial decisions you will make in your life is what vocation you will pursue. It’s possible that a job path picked by your parents or elders isn’t right for you. As a result, it’s critical to choose your academic path after 12th grade based on your talents, interests, and abilities.


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