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The Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) course is a three-year undergraduate degree course.
This course combines academic business expertise and related subjects such as Marketing,

Economics, Accounting, Finance etc. and the real work skills. This course is one of the
leading, and most favored courses chosen by many undergraduate students considering the
high demand for BBS courses in the business sector. The BBS course focuses on providing in-
depth information of business studies and fields related to administration.
After completing the course, students gain academic, practical, management,
communication skills and business decision-making capabilities One of the keycharacteristics of a BBS course is that students learn various skills, such as interpersonal
skills, organisational leadership skills, entrepreneurship skills, communication skills and
analytical skills, not only concentrating on the theoretical analysis but also pursuing a
Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) course from well-recognized colleges/institutes.
What is the Eligibility Requirements for a Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS)
● Students must check whether they are qualified for admission to take the Bachelor
of Business Studies (BBS) course offered by colleges or institutes. Therefore,
students may take a look at the following eligibility criteria listed in the following
pointers before applying for admissions:
● In four papers including English, students must have scored the passing marks in
class 12 (or equivalent) examination with the total of 60 percent marks (55 percent
for SC/ ST/ WW/ Physically Disabled Categories). Geography, History, Informatics
Practices, Introductory Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Political Science,
Accountancy, Genetics, Biotechnology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Economics,
Entrepreneurship, Psychology, Public Policy, Social Science, Sociology or Word
Processing can be different topics.
● A recognized board must have issued the Higher Secondary Certificate.
● To be qualified for this course, several colleges administer their entrance test, which
would require the students to apply.
What are the different phases of Admission in BBS?
● Admission to the Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) course is primarily based on
entrance examinations conducted at the national or university level.
● Some colleges offer admission based on the success of applicants in interview
rounds or community discussion rounds.
● The final admission is usually performed based on candidates’ success in the written
entrance test ranking, followed by group discussion and personal interview.

● Students may remember that the BBS course cut-off percentage varies from institute
to institute.

What are the Accepted Entrance Tests?
To undertake a BBS (Bachelor of Business Studies) course, applicants are usually required to
undergo entrance examinations administered by the various examination conducting
authorities at the provincial, state, or university level. The colleges or institutes will prepare
a merit list for the applicants based on their entrance exam scores as part of the BBS course
admission process. Various colleges and Institutions often administer their own or separate
entrance exams for entry to the BBS course. Students should look at all the entrance tests
by which they can gain admission more closely.
What is the Syllabus Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS)?
The main focus of the syllabus of Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) course is providing
realistic exposure rather than theoretical study. Students would have to study various
course-related topics specified in the syllabus to be eligible for admission to the Bachelor of
Business Studies (BBS) course. In the table below, some of the common topics described in
the BBS syllabus prescribed by different universities or colleges have been listed:
At least 20 compulsory courses, four elective articles, computer practical lessons and one
specialization program must be taken up. Key disciplines such as Economics, Quantitative
Methods, Organizational Behavior and financial areas of management such as Marketing,
Accounting, Finance, Development, Computers and Human Resource Management have
built a strong base in all areas over the first two years.
Why Should One Pursue Bachelor in Business Studies Course?
For those who wish to specialize in the fields of accounting, marketing or management, this
course is appropriate.
Applicants should appreciate skills such as organizational behavior and structure, critical
thinking and analytical skill and knowledge of evaluative techniques.
They should be well acquainted with numeracy and the ability to study, analyze and use
knowledge and business and financial data and have the basics such as self-reliance,
initiative and the capacity to handle time, projects and resources.

How do you benefit from a Bachelor of Business Studies?
Critical, analytica and creative concepts and thoughts incorporated in realistic business
conditions support the candidates.
Students are made aware of corporations’ positions such as Marketing, Processes, Finance,
Human resources and many other diverse fields.
The course is useful for higher studies and study in this field, such as M.A., M. Phil., Ph.D.
The course will provide you with the theoretical and practical skills required to progress in
this industry and will allow you to specialize in Accounting, Marketing or Management
What are the Job Prospects Post the Degree of Bachelors of Business Studies?
There are multiple openings for an individual post their degree in Bachelors of Business
Studies such as:
● Corporate industries
● Communications companies
● Civil Services
● Financial Offices
● Financial Dept. (Industry)
● Media Industry
What are the Courses or Degrees You can Pursue Post Bachelors of Business Studies ?
BBS opens up multiple avenues for students to post their three year BBS degree. For
example, students can pursue their masters degree or MBA from a renowned college in any
specialisation such as Finance, Marketing or HR. Students also can go for professional
certifications such as CFA, CMA, ACCA etc. if they want to specialise in Finance or

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