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What is Bank PO?

An assistant director of Scale I in a bank is a PO or a probation officer. He or she is a Grade I Junior Manager and thus an Officer Scale I. After meeting the selection requirements, a testing officer must undergo an intensive training program at the Banking Management Institute, where he or she is given the right education. A PO will last two years for probation. 

What is the Role of Bank PO? 

Since young officials who have recently completed their education have been chosen for this post, they are very enthusiastic. They work hard and desire to learn, so the Bank assigns the individuals some intricate tasks.

During their probation time, a PO is educated in many vertical fields, such as finance, accounting, billing, investment, etc., to get to know different work processes of a Bank. This is achieved simply by assigning these categories with roles and employment.

The Bank’s fundamental goal is to give its customers optimum service. A bank PO must ensure that the Bank’s business expands through the proper treatment of customer grievances, managing different issues relevant to the customer, such as account differences, correction of unfair charges, etc. Customer services.

They are subject to more strict obligations, including planning, budgeting, lending processing, investment management, etc., as they are compliant with bank standards.

What are the Intricate Details About the Banking PO Exam?

The Bank performs PO reviews to recruit young officers annually both by the government and private banks. Following are the most relevant banks involved in this process:

  • Indian State Bank
  • Bank of Allahabad
  • Bank of Baroda
  • Maharashtra Bank 
  • Punjab National Bank
  • Eastern Exchange Bank
  • Cooperatives Bank
  • Corporation Bank
  • Union Bank
  • HDFC Bank

Bank Probationary Officer is the entire sort of Bank PO. It is a management position in different Public Sector Banks in India and is named Assistant Manager of any Public Sector Bank.

The SBI PO examination and the IBPS PO examination are the primary ones. Both have several posts and look after young officers with enthusiasm. The most important thing to note is that each Bank has its selection criteria and a collection of documents. In addition to the IBPS, the IBPS is leading a jointly written inquiry to hire probationary officers in various Public Sector Bank (PSU) and State Bank of India (PO).

What are the Patterns of Bank PO Syllabus & Test?

In general, three steps are followed as a process of recruitment. The first two stages are written examinations, which are respectively preliminary exams and tests. The second step is the process of the interview. The interview round will be qualified for the applicants chosen during the first two rounds. A merit list is created based on the candidate results after these three rounds have been chosen. For the PO post, the person who makes it to the list is chosen.

The Bank PO review curriculum is structured to decide the candidate’s ability to be as appealing as his or her general conscience. In the preliminary document, the quantity, logic and verbal ability are divided into three parts. The paper contains five sections: general knowledge, computer knowledge, quantitative ability, logic and verbal ability. Again, this trend varies from one bank to another.

What is the salary of Bank PO?

The banks pay very well to their probation officers. The SBI PO’s basic salary is Rs 23,700. Officers also qualify to obtain Dearness Allowance (DA), House Rent Allowance (HRA), CCA, special allowance, etc., in addition to this basic pay. Therefore, the total salary is Rs 40,239 a month.

The pay for POs of virtually every Bank is nearly equal. You can still have a slight difference between banks.

What is the Eligibility for Bank PO?

  • The eligibility requirements for this exam should be reviewed before applying for this post. When applying for a Bank PO test, a claimant must be 21-30 years old. Candidates of the categories OBC earn an age rest of three years. Age relief of 5 years is provided to candidates of the SC and the ST categories. Even the former servants and the candidates who hold the Jammu and Kashmir quota are eased for five years.
  • Also, a student from a specified university must be a minimum educational qualification.
  • There must be no criminal record for a nominee. If found guilty, your nomination will possibly be withdrawn.

How to Prepare for the Bank PO Exam? 

To pass this prestigious test, the current trend and curriculum of banking policy must be adequately prepared. You should train yourself for the test or recommend a coaching facility to prepare yourself. Another choice to prepare for banking PO examinations is to choose ebooks & test series.

Students are advised to take a professional coaching for Bank PO, as there is tough competition. To ace the exam, students would require the professional help for sure. 

What is the Scope of Growth Post Bank PO?

There is rapid growth in this sector. In 3-5 years from your service, you will jump to Grade II officer. The POs have to do a few written exams and perform an interview process to obtain a higher appointment. The role of director, deputy manager, manager, etc., can be easily swapped.

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