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What is SSC?

SSC stands for Staff Selection Commission. It is an Indian agency that hires personnel from the various ministries and departments of India’s Government for different positions. It also hires offices for subordinates. A chairman heads the committee, and to support the chairman are two members and a Secretary-Cum-Controller of Exams. Its head office is in New Delhi, India.

Also, to perform exams smoothly, the SSC has a regional set up. It currently has seven regional offices at Raipur and Chandigarh in Allahabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, Guwahati, Bangalore, and two sub-regional offices.

The Workers Service Commission carries out competitive reviews for the recruitment of different departments and posts. Over 20 kinds of workers range from group B to group C. Eligibility requirements are graduation in any stream to qualify for an SSC examination from a recognized university. For certain positions, such as the Sub-Inspector and Narcotics Department, physical health and measurement are also required.

What are the Eligibility Requirements of SSC CGL?

  1. If the applicants reside outside India, their names can also be registered for the SSC CGL 2021 Test.
  2. The minimum and maximum age limits for general applicants are 18 and 32 years, respectively. However, for the application of the test, the reserved group students obtain the age relaxation.
  3. The aspirants should have a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline to apply for the SSC CGL test.

What are The Benefits of Pursuing the SSC Course?

What is SSC
What is SSC

Work security: Unlike employment in the private sector, jobs in the public and government sectors are very stable. The recession or the demand and supply powers operating in the labor market are mostly unaffected by job prospects.

Financial Security: When working for the government, there is full financial security, and the salary is always credited without delay. The government also ensures that such emoluments are provided to workers in serious injuries, health risks, pregnancy, and similar cases.

In addition to financial security, these occupations often have many additional benefits, such as the Provident Fund, the pension plan, great household and travel allowances, medical benefits, and several other benefits.

Opportunities and promotions: With its more than equal share of excellent opportunities, working in the public or government sector comes. The scheme of promotion is timely and equitable in opportunity. There are several interdisciplinary services and structures for employees’ personal and professional advancement as well.


Job Life Balance: This comes as a significant relief to the private sector’s struggling individuals. The hours of work are never too long and are often set. All national and regional holidays are granted to employees. Working women are now entitled to receive generous maternity leave and allowances.

Contributing back to society: A large part of this is work satisfaction, in addition to the different benefits that government and public sector banks carry with them. Working with these departments gives one the pleasure of assisting and contributing in many distinct ways to society and individuals.

What are the SSC CGL Job Services and Benefits?

One of the most sought-after jobs in India is SSC CGL. The explanation is not only cash but also the different benefits associated with it.

Salary is excellent: This might not be an overt facility, but the salary is excellent considering the work pressure and job profile, and if you compare it with other industries, you can surely appreciate the independence you have as a hired officer from the SSC CGL.

Health facilities: It can take care of your medical costs significantly until you enter the government. You will be a part of the Central Government Health System so that you will benefit from free care in most of the country’s leading hospitals.

Gratuity advantage: Once you are a government official, the government can benefit from the gratuity advantage. It is a contribution rendered to the government by your employer in appreciation for your service. The savings after your retirement are healthy.

Paid leave benefits: In every government career, the main advantage is that you get ample numbers of leaves such as casual leaves, privilege leaves, medical leaves, etc. You’ll get the full pay-out for that, even though you’re sick. Only in the case of government employment is this necessary.

Transport allowance: As an employee of the central government, you are entitled to a transport allowance. It depends on your letter’s position, but for your transportation fees to and from the office, you will get it every month.

Cell bill payment: You get a free SIM card in some of the posts, and specific calls on these cards are free. Each month, you are entitled to a certain sum for this reason.

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