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What’s the BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)?

One of the most common bachelor’s degrees is the Bachelor of Business (BBA) Administration or BBA. This degree course is about an organization, company, or organization’s management. You are taught the business world’s talents and in-depth experience and all the intricate aspects of running a business. This is one of the best professional degrees that 12th pass students are renowned for.

There’s a myth that if you want to do an MBA, a BBA would only be subtle. The reality is that BBA still has a lot of value on its own and right after college, BBA graduates find excellent career possibilities. This degree has a lot more to it than just being a stepping stone to an MBA.

The following is all the information you need to know about the BBA degree, so you can make an educated decision after your 12th standard exam about what path to take.

Why do you choose BBA?

After 12th commerce in India, BBA is one of the most sought courses. Not only does it equip you with practical knowledge of management and administration, but it also prepares you for MBA master classes.

For candidates who are business-minded and want to learn some business skills, the BBA course is excellent. The course encourages the learner to have an analytical mind and gives their company a boost. There is immense potential for students searching for a job after BBA, as BBA subjects open doors for numerous opportunities.

The average salary ranges from INR 3-8 lakh in India for various BBA work. The BBA course also helps to understand an organization’s functions and how organizations thrive in a market. The course allows one to consider the requirements of the market and other global developments. For those who are thinking of joining the business sector, this BBA ability is sufficient. In the BBA course, one learns about problem-solving competencies. If your main objective is to join every company’s management team, the BBA course is the best option for you.

For students who plan to go for an MBA later on, the BBA is the best course. A 5 year MBA, i.e., an Integrated BBA and MBA course, is also offered by some colleges.

What is the Future post the BBA course?

Many students make the mistake of entering a course right after the 12th just for the heck of it. However, students who are genuinely concerned about their future will choose the BBA course because, professionally and personally, this course has many scopes.

Professionally, you can enter any industry of your choosing with a BBA degree. If you like retail, you can enter retail; you can also become a banker if you like finance. As a positive, safe individual who is also a successful leader, this course will help you improve.

What is the Eligibility Criteria for BBA?

If you want to follow BBA, you need to have some skills. There are also other considerations, but they can vary from college to college. These are, however, the conditions you need to fit in.

  • One would need to have passed 12th from a recognized board with a minimum of 50% marks.
  • Many BBA colleges also have entrance tests for BBA course entry. It would help if you cleared up these entry examinations.

What are the Career & Work Chances after BBA?

The career and work prospects it offers are one of the main reasons for students who select BBA. Most of these occupations provide a decent package of pay and benefits and many opportunities to expand and advance higher positions.

The top career & work prospects after the BBA course are here.

  1. Executive in Marketing: One can make a career as a  marketing professional when you have excellent people skills. You will have to do some fieldwork, but there is also a great deal of preparation and strategizing. You get to market your company’s products and services, create identities, plan and execute campaigns and more. This is a challenging but exciting role that brings in a decent salary.
  2. Executives in Sales: What drives a business is revenue. You will be one of the most significant individuals in the business as a sales executive. You are accountable for the direct sales of the company’s goods and services. Mostly, you’ll be on the field. You may also get opportunities to fly abroad or across the world. Sales managers receive a decent salary, but they are often eligible to receive sales commissions, where the majority of sales managers can receive a considerable amount.
  3. Accounting Manager You can get the title of accounting manager if you have specialized in an accounting-related subject and are an expert in management accounting. All the company’s finances are managed by you and integral to financial planning and strategizing. Since you are the money man in the business, you should expect a decent salary and benefits.

    What are Salary Packages Expected After The Degree of BBA?
    BBA is one of the very renowned courses in the country and many people post their 12th opt for their course. However, the salary package here varies from individual to individual depending on the skill-set and expertise. If you end up getting placed in a start-up then you can expect anything between 3-5 Lakhs CTC. However, if you get placed in MNCs such as KPMG, EY, Bain etc. then your salary can range anything between 5-7 Lakhs CTC.

    Can We Do MBA Post BBA?

    One of the very desired degrees post BBA is MBA. More than 50% of the students go for the MBA degree, as the course of both the degrees resonate very well with each other. There is also a huge chunk of the society that goes for the preparation of UPSC or various other bank exams. Students are also seen working in many budding start-ups to gain on the job training. 
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