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Schools play a crucial role in helping young people to develop their thought processes and personality. They are capable of providing opportunities to young people to critically examine global developments that are significant to both the world and their individual lives. Educating for global competence can help form new generations who care about global issues and engage in tackling social, political, economic, and environmental challenges. 

Competence is not merely a skill, but a combination of knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values successfully applied to face-to-face or virtual encounters with people from different cultures and backgrounds.  

The Things That School Inculcates in a Child’s Personality

  • Encourage intellectual sensitivity
  • Allowing students to engage in diverse experiences, fostering different languages, culture, and people
  • Enhance students’ communal and intercultural ability 
  • Improve their ability to make judgments and take action

The target dimensions of global competence are:

  • The capacity to examine issues and situations of local, global and cultural significance 
  • The capacity to understand and appreciate different perspectives and world views
  • The ability to establish positive interactions with people of different national, ethnic, religious, social, and cultural backgrounds or gender
  • The capacity to take constructive action towards sustainable development and collective well-being

6 Benefits that Brings in

  • Appreciation of Cultures: Be it your own culture or of a foreign origin, students are aware of the similarities and differences among them. They understand the behaviors and values tied with various cultures and start seeing their own culture as their strength. 
  • Evaluation Of Information: They are curious and inquisitive about the information available and seek deeper understanding to evaluate materials and perspectives, rather than accepting things at face value. 
  • Cross-culture Communication Skills: Students effectively exchange ideas with peers and adults from different backgrounds — either virtually or in-person — and have the skills to enter new communities and spaces with confidence and assurance.
  • Humility with Intelligence: Students understand the importance of the vast knowledge available all around the world and learns to appreciates how much more there is to learn about the world. 
  • Divergent Thinking: Students become capable of alternative or original solutions to existing problems and can envision the world differently from how it currently exists.
  • Technological Literacy: Students are able to explore existing technologies to communicate and collaborate with others. They are eager to learn and share new ideas and information. 

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